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Links to Peace Organisations

Stop The War Logo - Falling bomb with line through it.

Stop The War

Women In Black Logo.  Universal symbol for a female, a circle with a cross below it, Half of the circle is a vine branch.

Women in Black - For Peace

CND Logo. A circle with what looks like a rocket outline in the middle. Basically, an upside down trident.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

MAW Logo. A no entry sign with the words Movement For The Abolition of War arond the edges.

Movement for the Abolition of War

Network for Peace Logo. A dove hovering over the globe

Network for Peace

Progressive Organisations

Ubuntu Planet Logo. The earth as a globe, nestled in a pair of hands with wing.

Ubuntu Planet

Money Free Party. The globe with the words Money Free Party around it.

Mobile Friendly

The Zeitgeist Movement Logo. The earth as a globe, with T Z M embossed on it.

The Zeitgeist Movement

Venus Project Logo. A large V surrounded by a circular border. So, a V in a circle.

The Venus Project

Reality Info Logo. Circle, cut in half, two different colours. One colour is bleeding into the other half, like jigsaw pieces fit together. Signifies unity and strength.

Reality Info - Capitalism Exposed


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