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Profit from Murder is Unethical

The Plan

  1. IDENTIFY COMPANIES - Companies that make money from murder and enable the death industry are visible in and around our cities and towns. Work out who and where they are.
  2. IDENTIFY ASSETS - These well-known companies have assets: land, buildings, computers, planes, etc, etc. They are all documented in the company's asset registers. We'll be selling these assets to help the workers transition away from the death industry.
  3. IDENTIFY PEOPLE - The humans that make up these death industry companies are the ones that will turn the cogs of progress and turn their backs on building weapons. They are key to our survival as a species and we will help them all. Their names are held in the HR databases of their companies. Therefore we'll be able to identify the workers that need our help,
  4. MOBILISE - As a collective of humanity, for peace, for our species, we will help our fellow humans currently trapped in the death industry. We will make our presence felt around the installations and factories that currently create weaponry and convince the workforce to help us create a more peaceful future.

The 5 Year Plan

Dismantling Companies - Liberating Humans

As a collective of progressive humanity, we will use the assets of the death industry companies to finance our 5-year liberation plan for the workers inside those companies:

  • Every employee will be paid at their current salary for 5 years
  • Every employee will have a training budget that they can spend as they see fit.
  • We support training and education for all workers,
  • Employees will be financed as long as they are not partaking in any death industry activities for 5 whole years.
  • We will reimburse shareholders at the rate they bought the shares at.
  • We will liquidate the assets of the death industry companies to pay for the transition.

Slavery, was legal

Now it's not!

Denying women the right to vote, was legal.

Now it's not!

The arms industry, was legal.

Now it's not!


No more weapons in the hands of random terrorists.

Profit from blood

No more making money from the blood of innocents, spilling on the ground.

Expensive War

Use Supply and Demand forces to price war out of the market.

Radical Peace


Scotland, UK.